【Important】Change of Entrance Examination Schedule due to the (Planned) Establishment of the Division of Science and Engineering, (New) Graduate School of Science and Engineering in the Academic Year 2023

Scheduled to be reorganized in April 2023 (planned to establish)
*The information listed is currently being planned and is subject to change.

 Ehime University is currently planning to establish a (new) Graduate School of Science and Engineering to be opened in April 2023. The (new) Graduate School of Science and Engineering will have only one Division of Science and Engineering to offer degree programs and curricula, based on the philosophy of fostering “science and engineering professionals who can not only inherit and develop today’s science and technology, but also contribute to the creation and realization of new values for the future.”

 If the establishment of the (new) Graduate School of Science and Engineering in April 2023 is approved, the examination schedule for the admission for the academic year 2023 (Admission through Recommendation and General Admission) is expected to be significantly delayed from the previous schedule until September 2022 or later. Application guidelines are scheduled to be released at the end of August 2022, so please check the Ehime University Entrance Examination Information website (URL: https://juken.ehime-u.ac.jp/).

 Details of the admission selection process will be published in the application guidelines. In addition to the evaluation of expertise and willingness to study, we plan to evaluate English proficiency based on scores from external English proficiency tests. There will also be some changes in the admission selection process. Applicants to the Division of Science and Engineering will be required to submit official scores/certificates of English external examinations (TOEIC L&R, TOEFL iBT, etc.) or other English language proficiency tests (Technical English Proficiency Test, Industrial English Proficiency Test, etc.). Prospective applicants to the Graduate School are advised to make necessary preparations as soon as possible.

*Prospective applicants whose native language is English or who plan to graduate from an English program do not require TOEIC, etc.