★★ Application for April 2024 Admission etc. Closed. ★★
The information on application for September/October 2024 admission will be available this summer.


 Ehime University Support for Pioneering Research Initiated by the Next Generation (EU SPRING) provides financial support to outstanding doctoral students who play an important role in the creation of Japan's science, technology, and innovation to help them devote themselves to creative and challenging research, as well as educational support such as career development and training programs to foster doctorate holders who can be active in diverse career paths.


  1. Financial Support
    Provision of an environment where students can concentrate on their research…【Research Support Grant:200,000yen/month】(for living expenses and may be used for any purpose)
    Support for creative and challenging research …【Research Funding: 280,000 yen/year】 (equipment, supplies, travel expenses, etc. necessary to carry out the research project)
    Support for Overseas Activities, etc.

  2. Career Development and Researcher Development Support
    SPRING offers the following 4 mandatory subjects, for 1 credit each. (Some may not be required.)
      …………【English language skill enhancement・Research related skills enhancement・Career development skills enhancement・Internship】

  3. Other
    Generic Skills Assessment, SPRING Achievement Presentation, and Support for Securing Intellectual Property Rights, etc.

EU SPRING Briefing Material AY2024 (Japanese only)

Operating Structure  

Project Chief:/Director and Vice President (Education) /Hidenori Yahiro
Operating Committee・Operating Team

Selection of EU SPRING Students

Application for the following EU SPRING has been closed.

Applicants must be enrolled in a doctoral program of the Graduate School of Science and Engineering at or in a doctoral program of the United Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences at Ehime University.
Please refer to the application guidelines below for details on eligibility and requirements, etc.

Deadline for Application Submission: May 7, 2024, 10:00 a.m.

Video of briefing session: April 17 (Japanese only)

■for students enrolled in April 2024
  ○Application Guidelines 【Japanese】【English】
  ○Application Forms   【Japanese】【English】

※Recruitment for students to be enrolled in September/October 2024 will be announced in July/August, so please wait for a while.

■for students enrolled in the academic year 2023
  ○Application Guidelines 【Japanese】【English】
  ○Application Forms   【Japanese】【English】

■for students enrolled in the academic year 2022
  ○Application Guidelines 【Japanese】【English】
  ○Application Forms   【Japanese】【English】

Precautions when creating Application Forms

Contact Information

EU SPRING Office, Administration Division, Faculty of Engineering, Ehime University

E-mail address: spc@stu.ehime-u.ac.jp
Tel: 089-927-8850


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