Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Ehime University
Research fields and staffs

Special Graduate Course on Environmental Studies for Asian Students

This course is opened for Asian students and aims at producing highly trained researchers and engineers with advanced research capability in the field of environmental sciences.

Professors and their research areas
Mechanisms of water movement in coastal seas. Mechanisms of biological production and environmental change. Measures of environmental preservation in coastal seas and aquaculture farms. Long-term monitoring of coastal environment.
Hidetaka Takeoka
Environmental chemistry, bioaccumulation and ecotoxicology of hazardous pollutants
Shinsuke Tanabe
Wildlife toxicology and ecological risk assessment
Hisato Iwata
Simulation of the Kuroshio, interaction of the Kuroshio and coastal water, marine environmental prediction of Seto Inland Sea
Xinyu Guo
Outbreak mechanisms of fish infectious diseases by marine environmental changes
Shin-ichi Kitamura
Analysis of material cycle and energy flow of aquatic ecosystems including fluvial, estuary, and coastal marine ecosystems.
Koji Omori
Experimental analysis of relationships between evolutionary processes of populations and ecological interactions using microbial model ecosystems.
Toshiyuki Nakajima
Geological and paleontological studies on deep-sea sediments and paleoenvironment.
Rie S. Hori

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