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Materials Science and Engineering

One of the major issues of the researches is to obtain a basic knowledge for educating sophisticated functions of materials. For this purpose, this course executes the education and researches for acquiring the basic knowledge on the formation mechanism of material functions and developing ability for its applications. The main targets of this course are metals, organic and inorganic materials, ceramics, and structural materials in nano, meso and macro scales.

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Materials Physics and Engineering

This educational and research field consists of six subjects : The "Quantum Materials Group" studies semiconductors, magnetic materials and ceramics, nano materials ; the "Solid State Physics Group" studies condensed matter physics with an atomic scale ; the "Materials Control Engineering Group" studies the fine structures closely related to material properties and its control through an atomic scale ; the "Electrical and Electronic Materials Group" studies electrical and electronic properties of dielectric materials and conductive polymers ; the "Materials Scope Engineering Group" and "Photonics Materials Engineering Group" study the processing, the properties and the structure of glasses and ceramics for new functionality.

Staffs and Research Fields
Research on processing, properties and structure of new photonic glasses and ceramics.
Hiromichi Takebe
Solid state physics of magnetic materials (such as transition-metal compounds and rare-earth compounds) and strongly correlated electron systems.
※ Koichi Hiraoka
Researches on phase transformation in various materials such as biomaterials and structural materials and on microstructures at/around interface in composite materials.
Sengo Kobayashi
Research of electrooptical measurement of electric field vector distributions in dielectric liquids.
Haruo Ihori
Present research areas covering characterization and structure of transparent amorphous materials.
Akira Saitoh
Size-and shape-controlled synthesis of nanoparticles and their functionalities.
Saeki Yamamuro
Research on production technology and recycling of metallic materials, including base metals (such as iron and copper) andrare metals.
Hideaki Sasaki
Research on improvement of strength and ductility of structural materials at room and elevated temperatures by microstructural control through phase transformation
Tatsuaki Sakamoto
Fabrication of nanoparticle colloids of organic semiconductors by laser ablation method and application to organic electronics.
Hyeon-Gu Jeon
Researches on magnetocaloric materials, magnetic regenerator materials, and thermoelectric materials.
Keisuke Matsumoto

※Scheduled to retire in March,2023

Materials Development and Engineering

The "Materials Evaluation Group" studies mechanical properties of welding joint and advanced welding processes in structural metal materials. The "Environment and Energy Materials Group" studies the preparation of new functional nano particulates, composite materials, porous materials, etc. used for medical treatments, fuel cells, chemical sensors, catalysts, radioactive Cs decontamination, etc.

Staffs and Research Fields
Studies of materials such as nano-sized particles, poly-metallic oxides, porous materials for application of medical care, fuel cell, chemical sensor, catalyst, and decontamination
Hiromichi Aono
Development of solid oxide catalysts and their application for chemical sensors and solid oxide fuel cells
Yoshiteru Itagaki
Development of thermo-mechanical, alloying techniques and welding processes for improvement properties of welding joint in structural metal materials
Takashi Mizuguchi

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