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Materials Science and Biotechnology

 Rapid progress of science and technology depends largely on the development of advanced materials and the efficient use of chemical and biological reactions. With the greater sophistication of science and technology as the diversification of industry, it is now strongly demanded to realize design and development of the new materials with various functions, development of manufacturing process, reduction of the environmental pollution and effective production of useful biomaterials.

 In order to respond these demands of the times, the present major course was established to supply the professional education and research covering a wide range of fundamental knowledge and its application for material design at atomic and molecular levels, high value addition to materials and biotechnology.

 This major course consists of 5 fields with Applied Chemical Physics, Materials Development and Engineering, Organic and Macromolecular Chemistry, Physical and Inorganic Chemistry, and Biotechnology and Chemical Engineering. Under mutual cooperation between these sub-courses, the comprehensive these advances education and research are to be implemented assisted with the extensive knowledge from basic to application and its expansibility.

 This major course has two courses, i.e., Materials Science and Engineering Course and Applied Chemistry Course, for Master's Degree course of Graduate School of Science and Engineering.

Materials Science and Engineering
Applied Chemistry

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