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Physics has been the basis of the development of modern science and technology. This course covers the research areas of various scales, from elementary particles to the whole universe and from fundamentals to applications. We have active collaboration with researchers of other institutes. It consists of two subcourses, fundamental physics course and condensed matter and plasma physics course.

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Fundamental Physics

Theoretical and experimental reseaches on fundamental problems in physics are performed. The following branches are covered in the activities : foundations of quantum theory, quantum field theory, gauge theories, investigations of the structure and the evolution of the universe theoretically and by the observation of X-rays, visible radiation.

Staffs and Research Fields
Challenge for particle physics, by field theory, lattice gauge theory, higher-dimensional theory, supersymmetry and high power computers.
※ Hiroto So
Study of structure and evolution of the Universe. In particular, study of active Universe through cosmic X-ray emission, and development of instruments for X-ray observatory.
Hisamitsu Awaki
Study of high energy phenomena in the Universe. In particular, observational study of black holes and the structure and evolution of the Universe.
Yuichi Terashima
Observational studies on the formation and evolution of galaxies and supermassive black holes. Studies on the chemical evolution of the Universe.
Tohru Nagao
Theoretical studies on nonlinear waves. Gap solitons in optical fiber. Coupled mode theory in photonic cristal.
Takeshi Iizuka
Space plasma physics, fast magnetic reconnection based on MHD and kinetic theory and numerical studies.
Tohru Shimizu
Observational studies of galaxy formation and evolution. History of star formation and mass assembly of galaxies.
Masaru Kajisawa
Observational research on the evolution of galaxies, supermassive black holes, and the Universe.
Yoshiki Matsuoka
Study of magnetic reconnection in space plasma using magnetohydrodynamic simulation and spacecraft observation.
Koji Kondoh
Observational studies of compact stars
Megumi Shidatsu

※Scheduled to retire in March,2023

Condensed Matter and Plasma Physics

Various phenomena concerning condensed matters are studied theoretically and experimentally. Special interests are taken in ⑴ dynamical theory of phase transition in nonequilibrium open systems, ⑵ theoretical study of self-assemblies in solution, ⑶ theoretical study of strongly correlated electron systems, ⑷ experimental studies of magnetic and optical materials, and ⑸ plasma physics in liquid.

Staffs and Research Fields
Theoretical treatment on chemical physics of phase equilibria and relaxation kinetics.
Kazuhiro Fuchizaki
Experimental study of plasma in liquid
Tsunehiro Maehara
Low temperature physics and statisticalmechanics on magnetic materials. Experimental studies of magnetism ; Fundamentals and Applications.
Kensuke Konishi
Theoretical study for strongly correlated quantum systems and topological materials, such as Tomonaga-Luttinger liquid, lowdimensional magnet, quantum Hall effect, graphene, and topological insulator.
Masaaki Nakamura
Study of physics on photo-excited states of solids. In particular, experimental studies of cavity-polaritons in microcavities.
Hisao Kondo
Liquid state theory on structure and thermodynamics ; Theoretical study of self-assemblies in solution such as micelle and protein.
Tatsuhiko Miyata

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