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Mathematical Sciences

The human activity in Mathematics has a long history since Greek ages, and is still developing itself. Mathematics can also serve as a basis of several other sciences, such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, Engineering and Economics. Our course of mathematical science covers not only classical fields of mathematics (Algebra, Geometry, Analysis) but also applied fields such as Information mathematics and mathematical finance. Students are expected to acquire wide view and clear mind in mathematical science, which can be realized as activities of researchers, teachers and engineers in the future.

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Mathematical Sciences

We research on various aspects of mathematical science. Main subjects are algebra such as number theory and representation theory, theory of topological groups and topological spaces, theory of differential equations, probability theory with applications to finance, applied mathematics such as numerical analysis and time series analysis.

Staffs and Research Fields
Noncommutative geometry and geometric group theory
Shin-ichi Oguni
Investigation of topological structure of topological groups and fields
Dmitri B. Shakhmatov
Numerical analysis for elliptic partial differential equations
※ Takuya Tsuchiya
Recognition of moving objects and 3-dimensional shape in computer vision, Software development for high energy physics, Web based distance learning system
※ Yuji Nakagawa
Number Theory (Automorphic Forms, Automorphic Representations, and their L-functions)
Miki Hirano
Machine learning and data mining (pattern discovery from satellite imagery)
Rie Honda
Time series analysis
Masaya Matsuura
General Topology
Takamitsu Yamauchi
Analytic number theory
Yoshinori Yamasaki
Koopman operators, theoretical machine learning, number theory
Isao Ishikawa
Probability and stochastic analysis
Yasushi Ishikawa
Algebraic approach to parallel processes and their communications
Hiroshi Ohtsuka
Studies on nonlinear partial differential equations and its application to compressible Navier-Stokes equations
Shigenori Yanagi
Descriptive set theory
Hiroshi Fujita

※Scheduled to retire in March,2023

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