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Mathematics, Physics, and Earth Sciences

 Since ancient times humans encountered nature with great curiosity. Needs of measurement of land area and astronomical observations of starts have naturally led to the creation of mathematics, the subject area that has developed quiet systematically already during Greek era. Thales (624-546B.C.) advocated that the origin of material substance is water, and since then the ever continuing effort to find the origin of nature still determines principal directions of development of modern physics. The discovery of stone attracting iron called Magnes (etymology of Magnet) by Lucretius (95?-51? B.C.) and observation of the volcano Vesuvius by Plinius (23-79 A.D.) have become the foundation of Mineralogy and volcanology, two principal subjects of Earth science, the discipline studying the inner structure of the earth.

 The Department of Mathematics, Physics, and Earth Science consists of 4 laboratories (Mathematical Sciences, Fundamental Physics, Solid State Physics, and Geodynamics and Geoenvironmental Science), and its dedicated research staff strives for discovery of hidden laws of various natural phenomenons in attempt to find solution of problems arising in numerous subject areas of modern fundamental science.

Mathematical Sciences
Earth's Evolution and Environment

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