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Advanced Course for Information and Communication Technology Specialists

Commercialization of the Internet and cellular services made revolutionary changes in lifestyle. Information and communication engineers have been in great demand since then. Companies are now required to act in compliance with laws and regulations and to protect intellectual property as well as to maximize their productivity and benefits.
Responding to the social demand, we not only teach Knowledge on ICT and also give business-related lessons such as 'Lecture in Information and Communication Technology', 'Project Management', 'Engineering Ethics', and 'Intellectual Property' and also give projectbased learning such as 'ICT System Design' and 'Practical Work Experience in Industry', which enhances business potential of students. In classes 'Practice in Information and Communication Technology', the students will develop their own information system as group work and acquire communication and presentation skills during the classes.

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Staffs and Technical Fields
Shin-ya Kobayashi
Course Director of advanced course for information and communication
The following professors are responsible for the classes of this Course.
Yoshihiro Okamoto
Hiroshi Takahashi
Kazuto Noguchi
Yoshinobu Higami
Toshiyuki Uto
Hiroshi Kai
Hisayasu Kuroda
Shinji Tsuzuki
Koji Kinoshita
Keiichi Endo

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