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Chemistry and Biology

 Recent remarkable advances in chemistry at the atomic and molecular levels have not only made a great contribution to human life through industrialization of the results but laid the foundation for molecular approaches to varied biological phenomena. Many new techniques such as artificial manipulation of genes and cell-free protein synthesis are worthly of special mention and they have brought about great achievements especially in life science. The industrial development supported by advances of chemistry and biology, however, has begun to discharge many toxic substances into the environment, then causing undesirable effects on ecology and organisms including human being now threaten not to live well.

 In view of these, this division was organized to integrate or compound the research and educational areas of atomic and molecular sciences, life science and environmental sciences. An eventual purpose of this division is to create new expanding research and educational fields for settlement of today's subjects. The researche and educational fields are grouped into four subdivisions under the following headings.
   Functional Material Science: Molecular Chemistry, Physical Chemistry
   Molecular Science of Life Substances: Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry,
     Biochemistry, Analytical Chemistry.
   Science of Biological Functions: Cell Biology, Physiology, Molecular Gentics,
   Science of Ecology and Environment: Scciobiology, Aquatic Ecology,
     Evolution of Microbes.
 Each subdivision is expected to educate and research from a new viewpoint in intimate collaboration with other subdivisions as well as to develop its own research field.

Molecular Science
Biology and Environmental Science

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