Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Ehime University

The Graduate Schools of Engineering (established in 1967) and Science (established in 1978) were unified, and the Graduate School of Science and Engineering of Ehime University started in 1996. This Graduate School was reorganized in 2006, and now consists of 5 majors with 25 research and education groups, offering Master course (2 years) and Doctoral course (3 years). This pamphlet shows the outline of educational objectives and research fields of the 5 majors in the Master course.

The main educational objective is to offer opportunities for professional development and career enhancement to the students through lectures and research activities, which range widely from basic science to practical engineering fields. Interdisciplinary researches between science and technology can also be carried out easily as well as cooperative or project researches in the Graduate School.

I am sure that students who want to study in the Master course and those who want to exchange ideas with researchers in the Graduate School can find interesting educational and research fields.

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