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Department of Mathematics

    Along human activities in science and technology since Greek ages, Mathematics has been providing a basis of thinking and that of calculation. It also gave theoretical basis to other natural sciences such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Earth sciences. Our department of Mathematics covers major fields of modern Mathematics (Algebra, Geometry, Topology, Analysis, Probability theory etc) as well as Informatics. We provide lectures and seminars of excellent quality.

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Department of Physics

    Physics tries to understand the essential feature of nature. Its fundamental part constitutes a beautiful system. By applying physics we understand various phenomena in nature and have developed modern sciences and technologies. Physics department consists of three courses "; physics course", "mathematical physics course", "material science course" and "astrophysics course".

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Department of Chemistry

    In the Department of Chemistry, the teachers of Molecular Science in the Graduate School of Science and Engineering educate the students in Inorganic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Quantum Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Biochemistry. The staffs of Proteo-Science Center (PROS), Advanced Research Support Center (ADRES), and Center for Marin Environmental Studies (CMES) also join our education. The fundamental subjects are well studied through many chemical experiments and practices, and advanced contents are also learned in the appropriate subjects. The final graduation research is performed on the basis of one's own project, and the students can start their new life as engineers or researchers.

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Department of Biology

    Now Biology is becoming the most attractive natural science, because the future of the earth greatly depends on the adequate and precise understanding of life phenomena. The society needs talents who can analyze and consider life phenomena from various point of view. We undertake education and research dealing with a variety of micro-organisms, animals, and plants. Our interest spans a wide range of subjects from bio-molecules to ecosystem.

    In our Biology Section, three learning courses are offered. In the Biology Course, a comprehensive understanding of biological sciences will be achieved. In addition to the general understanding of life phenomena, the Biochemistry Course aims to acquire knowledge for the materials constructing organisms, and the Environmental Biology Course lays weight in learning the interactions between organisms and environment.

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Department of Earth Sciences

    The Earth is a living planet that has been changing throughout its 4.6 billion-years history. The main research subjects of the Department of Earth Sciences are focused on petrology and mineralogy, geology and paleontology, exploration geophysics, and experimental and theoretical deep earth mineralogy, physical oceanography, and environmental earth sciences. The effective and extensive programs are provided for field works and indoor experiments that are indispensable steps in coming in direct contact with the nature and pursuing the truth. In the department we intend to produce the experts who have creative and comprehensive view on earth sciences through our research and educational programs.

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